NLP and Blockchain

Financial Service Solutions using Machine Learning (ML) & Natural Language Processing (NLP) including Private and Public Blockchain technology consulting


Collateral Solutions from All-to-All Trading, Central Clearing and SaaS Post Trade Management


Total Cost Analysis (TCA), Best Execution, CCP Clearing and Alternatives to OTC Swaps including Listed Swap Futures


Working with Buy-Side clients globally to navigate through the changing Market Structure in Financial Markets and helping Exchanges, Trading Platforms and Fintech companies grow their business in the process.

Focusing on future trends in Financial Markets that utilises Arificial Intelligence (Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing and Artificial Neural Networks), new Collateral Trading & Management solutions and hosting specialised events with Buy Side Clients globally.

NLP and Blockchain

Using Natural Language Processing (NLP) to solve Client’s financial and customer service challenges using Virtual Cognitive Assistants.

Public (for Compliance and AML) and Private (for Money and Asset transfers) Distributed Ledger Blockchain solutions.  Consulting on how different Blockchain Technology & Providers can be applied to your business including ring-fencing specific areas to test.


Repo Trading (RFQ and CLOB) via a new All-to-All MTF (Multi-Lateral Trading Facility) platform as a result of new Margin Rules (Variation Margin – March 2017) effecting Buy Side Clients and exisiting Basel III Capital & Liquidity ratios effecting Banks.

Collateral Management for Exchanges, Clearing Brokers, Banks and Buy Side Clients to streamline Margin Calls Payments, Disputes & Same Day Settlement for any machine readable collateral agreement.


OTC Derivative Trading and Clearing Consulting with Banks, Asset Managers and Exchanges.

Listed Swap Futures (LSF) act as an alternative to OTC Swaps that offer Initial Margin and Infrastructure Cost savings.


Hosting specialised events to connect Buy Side clients with the latest solutions and speaking at global conferences on best market practices

February 2017 (London)
Round Table Event with Chinese Banks on Repo & Derivatives Trading & Clearing

February  2017 (Netherlands)
Round Table with Dutch Pension Funds and Asset Managers on Collateral / Repo Trading Solutions

16 March 2017 (Singapore)
Speaking at the 2nd Annual OTC Derivatives Summit event in Singapore hosted by Regulation Asia

July 2017 (Sydney)
The future of OTC Derivatives Clearing & Trading and Artificial Intelligence

July 2017 (New Zealand)
The future of OTC Derivatives Clearing & Trading and Artificial Intelligence


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